Seasonal Japanese Cuisine

Beautiful, tasty and pleasant ~ made with seasonal ingredients.

Dinner Kaiseki

¥7,000~ [without tax]

Starting time of meals (Please contact us beforehand in order to change the starting time.)

Breakfast: 7:00-8:30/Dinner: 17:00~19:30



Kyo-Kaiseki ~ 12 dishes offered with a bamboo shoot dish and seasonal vegetables from Kyoto.




Another way to call the Gion Matsuri Festival is the “Pike Conger Festival”.

Kyo-Kaiseki ~ 12 dishes offered with “pike conger dishes” which is highly recommended to try while visiting Kyoto.



Best season to present matsutake mushrooms along with the autumn leaves. Kyo-Kaiseki ~ 12 dishes offered with matsutake mushrooms to experience the fall season.



Please relax and enjoy “Kamo nabe” (duck hot pot) that wams your body accompanied with alcohol provided in the room.


Dinner is served in the room and breakfast is provided at the banquet hall with a view of the courtyard.

Reservations can be made for two people or more.

Hot pot dishes

Available for 2 or more people. We also accept reservations for banquets by phone. Service fee is included.


¥6,000~[without tax]

Mizutaki (Chicken hot pot)

¥6,500~[without tax]

Pork Shabu-Shabu

¥5,500~ [without tax]


Premium Japanese style breakfast

¥2,000 [without tax]


Bubuzuke (steamed rice with tea, and savory toppings)

¥2,500 [without tax]