Main building: accommodation

The Main building is a two-story wooden building, which used to be a house owned by a wealthy merchant during the Edo era, about 200 years ago.

A long period has passed since the framework of the building was built, but the interior of the room is new and most of the rooms with tatami (straw mat) is clean. The spacious rooms still preserve a quality of antiquatedness. No rooms look the same. There are 18 rooms, each complete with a bathroom and toilet inside the room. Also there are 3 separate rooms excluding a bathroom (shared bathroom is available), in which case the cost of the room is cheaper. Generally, our plans correspond to a “one night and two-meal” plan.


Main building・Room Aoi


Example of kaiseki dishes for the summer

Tachibana building: Accommodation

The Tachibana building is a reinforced, five story building with genuine Japanese style rooms.

Three types are available: Size of 8 tatami mats, 10 tatami mats, or 12.5 tatami mats.

15 rooms have tatami mats to provide relaxing time. All rooms have a separate bathroom and a toilet room.



Guest room: tea ceremony room (Shoyutei)

The building is located at the back of the courtyard, apart from the main building.
100 year-old authentic tea-ceremony rooms with a size of 4.5 tatami mats, 3 tatami mats, 2 tatami mats are available for guests with bathrooms and toilet rooms included.

Although it is located in the middle of the city, we close shoji (paper sliding door) and storm shutters one by one at night. Guests often wake up with the sound of a bird’s chirp in the morning; forgetting that they are in the middle of the city.


※Free Wi-Fi and use of PC are available at the lobby.

※Bath towel, face towel, body wash, rinse, face wash, yukata, dryer, mouthwash, etc. are available.

※For children, slippers, yukata, and souvenirs are available. (Please inform us the measure of height for the size of yukata)