Lodging Plan

All the prices are tax included. Prices can differ depending on the season. Please contact our staff for further information.

For families

Nabe (hot pot) course for families.

¥16,740 per person.

You can choose between Pork Shabu-Shabu, Mizutaki (chicken hot pot), and Mizore Nabe (hot pot with grated daikon radish).

We have yukata (casual summer kimono) for children. (Free of charge)

For couples

Enjoy kaiseki (traditional multi-course meal) in your room♪

¥18,360 per person

Reservation is possible for 2 or more people.

For one person

Kyoto’s one-night trip

Option 1: One night including breakfast.

Tachibana building: ¥11,880 per person.

Main building: ¥12,960 per person.


Option 2: Staying overnight without meals.

Tachibana building: ¥10,800

Only Tachibana building is available. If you want to stay at the main bulding, please contact us in advance.


Rent a kimono: ¥3,000

Rent a bike: ¥1,000

Contact us for more information. There will be changes in April.

Anniversary Plan

Private party for two in your room.

After eating at one of Kyoto’s famous restaurants and strolling around…

vA bottle of wine for toasts (300ml): ¥712 ~

お祝いホールケーキ15cm 3500円より、12cm 2800円より、ご注文承ります


With close friends

Sukiyaki in Kyoto

¥16,740 per person~ (available for 2 or more people)

Discounts available for groups with more than 6 people.

Highly luxurious

Special Banquet Meal Rosanjin


¥22,680 per person~
(available for 2 or more people)


How about a private bathing for two?

¥864 per person (available from 2 to 5 people).

Private bathing requires a reservation in advance. Enjoy memorable experiences in a warm, relaxing bath.