Nissho Besso | Kyoto Winterreise guidance
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Kyoto Winterreise guidance

Kyoto Winterreise guidance

The famous place that you can observe only now(Jan.6th – March.18t

Usually closed)


Seven places are the first public exhibition in 15 places of released famous places.
①Jorinji-temple・・Kaishu Katsu loved there
②Sennyuji-temple”Shairiden”・・The Imperial Family manages it

     The Japanese oldest maximum temple for Zen study
④Shokokuji-temple”Houkouji”・・A garden is splendid

⑤Shokokuji-temple”Rinkouin”・・Satsuma feudal clan connection

⑥Myoukakuji-temple・・Recumbent Buddha is splendid


The stage of the temple late Tokugawa period to be related to Satsuma
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